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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Double Dutch Doors, Half Dutch Doors and Bar Top Doors
Q. Do the doors come with the hardware?
A. Yes.

Q. What kind of hardware do I get with these doors?
A. A slide bolt style latch and heavy duty 6" Tee Hinges are included with each panel.

Q. Do I have to use your hardware?
A. You can request to receive doors without predrilled holes for the use of your own hardware. Due to the weight of these doors we recommend you purchase a heavy duty hinge and latch system.

Q. What is Reverse Fascia?
A. The "x" or T&G lumber will show when the doors are in the closed position only. If you want the "x" or fascia to show when the doors are both open, then ask for "reverse fascia top and bottom." If you want the "x" or fascia to show when the bottom door is closed and the top door is open, then request "reverse fascia top only."

Q. Are the latches and hinges attached to the doors when I receive them?
A. No, but the doors do come with all the necessary latching hardware and fasteners.

Q. How do I decide which side to put the hinges or latch on?
A. When you stand outside the door and visualize the door closed in the opening, are the latches on the right or left side? Are the hinges on the right or left side?

Q. What kind of lumber is used in the Dutch doors?
A. Multi Ply Exterior grade lumber is used in the Crossbuck doors and the best #1 Kiln Dried Southern Yellow Pine Tongue and Groove lumber for horizontal and vertical fascias.

Q. Do your Dutch doors come in different colors?
A. We do not offer stain or colors.

Q. Why does your website show different color doors?
A. Some of our best customers have sent in pictures of their completed barn projects and we have featured these on our site for two reasons. One is to show an installed product and two is to give individuals an idea of what can be done with the Dutch door products.

Q. Can I paint or stain over the lumber?
A. Yes, we recommended applying paint or stain to the lumber.

Q. Does the Dutch door come with a superstructure door framing?
A. No. Our doors are not "pre-hung." All doors are flush mount hinge and fasten directly to your stall wall.

Q. What is the finished opening needed for your standard double Dutch doors?
A. 48-1/2" width by 97-1/2" height

Q. What is the finished opening width needed for a half Dutch door?
A. 48-1/2" width